How To Get Off The Beaten Path In St. Lucia

When people say “postcard-pretty,” they are talking about St. Lucia Villas.  As Airbnb becomes the norm for vacation rentals, these beautiful white manors contrasting sharply to the bright, blue sky are becoming more and more popular with travellers to this picturesque Caribbean island.  We’ll look at these more in just a bit, but first, let’s explore the rest of the island a little.

Bike Rentals

Let’s start off by taking “off the beaten path” somewhat literally.  Bike rentals have become increasingly popular in St. Lucia and there are a great many trails that you can explore.  Whether you’re looking for a gritty, mud-flinging blast down some steep hill sides, or a more relaxing cruise accompanied by breath-taking vistas, St. Lucia has you covered.  There is a trail, and a bike for every person and every skill level.

Get Off My Wave

Ditch the tourists and find your own little slice of seaside paradise.  Reduit Beach on the North West part of the island is an easy choice, but if seclusion and adventure is more your feel, steer clear.  Anse Cochon and Cas En Bas are both great recommendations to get you started, but the best method might just be to pack a cooler full of snacks and see what you can find!  These beaches won’t have the amenities of resorts, but if you’re a bit more self-sufficient you will have no regrets.

St. Lucia Villa Rental 

For a heavy dose of luxury, and not that high of a price tag check out sites like Airbnb for villa rentals.  Perfect for family, or multi-couple vacations, you’ll get your own pool, kitchen, incredible views and maybe even a private beach.  In other words, live like a local!  Soak up the rays all day with a drink in hand, or use it as a cushy jumping off point; the choice is yours.

Care For A Hike?

If you’re feeling fit and don’t mind getting a little short of breath, why not tackle St. Lucia’s “pitons.”  Both Gros Piton and Petit Piton boast well maintained trails and other-worldly views at the top.  Feel rejuvenated as the sun shines through the local flora and you hear the sounds of jungle birds all around you.  It may take a lot out of you, but it will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Feeling Hungry?

Resort restaurants are fine, but for a fraction of the price and a whole lot more authenticity, see what’s around the corner.  Castries is home to lots of great restaurants; they just might not be immediately visible.  Ask a local for a recommendation, or just follow your gut.  Be mindful of your step, however; Castries is not without crime.

With these ideas in mind, you should be raring to pack your bags and head off to the evergreen jungles and white sand beaches of St. Lucia!  For a once in a lifetime vacation, why not make the most of it.  Take the path less traveled.  Sweat a little!  After all, you can always put your feet up when you get back to your St. Lucia Villa Rental.

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