The Best St Lucia Villas for Honeymoon Vacations

The perfect destination for couples to enjoy an exceptional honeymoon has been named. According to the most recent World Travel Awards, the island of Saint Lucia is the best ‘Honeymoon’ destination in the world. This nation located in the eastern Caribbean has the best attributes to live the perfect Honeymoon. Its unique nature covers every […]

Top 12 Tips for Selling Your Downtown Vancouver Condo

There’s no shortage of beautiful downtown Vancouver condos to adorn over and if you own one it might be the right time to sell. Condos are hugely popular and more people want to own one. Selling can be easier than you think and there are many top tips to help you get more value for […]

Citizenship by investment in Saint Lucia

There are many reasons as to why citizenship in Saint Lucia is attractive, and it can be easy to get by just as little as investing in a St Lucia villa. Based on your needs and situation, it could be the right step for you. In this article we will have a look at what […]

How To Get Off The Beaten Path In St. Lucia

When people say “postcard-pretty,” they are talking about St. Lucia Villas.  As Airbnb becomes the norm for vacation rentals, these beautiful white manors contrasting sharply to the bright, blue sky are becoming more and more popular with travellers to this picturesque Caribbean island.  We’ll look at these more in just a bit, but first, let’s […]

5 Best Reasons Why St Lucia is the best island in the Caribbean for Villa Rental

    Have you thought about a St Lucia villa rental? To be honest, most holidaymakers want to sunny themselves in the Caribbean but often are unsure where to go. St Lucia is truly one of the best destinations but people are worried if they’re making the wrong choice. It’s hard to know which Caribbean […]

Where to buy real estate in Greater Vancouver 2018

What should buyers do? The threat of rising rates, complex mortgage regulation and proper government interventions, the Greater Vancouver Real Estate market continues to defy expectations.The market is characterised by lower inventory, high demand and consistency high prices backed by stricter mortgage regulations. Anyone dreaming of owning a home this 2018 market can seem unnerving. To […]

St Lucia – Island of Luxury and Romance

St. Lucia, a small island in the Caribbean of approximately 238 square miles, is covered with tropical forests. The climate during the rainy season (July through December) is mostly in 80 degrees (Fahrenheit) and rains occasionally. The St Lucia Villas resorts along the water’s edge have a plethora of water sports and when you are […]

St Lucia All-Inclusive – Know Before You Go

St. Lucia Villas all-inclusives are seriously out of the park. It helps make your stay much more exciting right from the birth of the planning stages. See, not only is the country one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean islands, it is also one of the favorite honeymoon and wedding destinations in the world. […]